“Such a 'lift' to their playing and amazing musicianship as you would expect from such top-notch players.” Footstompin

Grogarry Lodge CD

A group in complete harmonic unison.
This CD was recorded over four consecutive days in May 2011 at Grogarry Lodge in South Uist. This historic setting is far from the conventional studio environment and was chosen to give an intimate and live feel to the recording. We ate, slept and recorded in the lodge interrupted only by a concert also recorded and producing one of the tracks. The music was all written by Simon over the last 20 years, drawing upon time spent in Donegal, Manchester, Edinburgh, Asturias in Northern Spain and Uist in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

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Track Listings

  1. Jigs: The Coalman/Matty’s Welcome/Isidro’s/The Glass Eyes
  2. Reels: Crooked Croft/Fiddle Cushion
  3. Air: Baleshare
  4. Reels: Betty Beardmore/Peninsular Man/Buncrana Bop
  5. Mazurka and Reel: Iain Carmichael of Lochcarron/Alone in the Castle
  6. Reels: Matheu Watson’s/Molly in the Fiddle Case/The Eco Bullet
  7. Air and Reels: Grogarry Lodge/The Causeway Cakewalk/Martyn Bennett’s
  8. Waltz: Libby Shaw of Lochawe
  9. Jigs: An Uncle at Last/El Molin del Puirtu /Chris and Tully’s
  10. March and Reel: Marcha de Riosa/Louis Kaplan’s Reel
  11. Reels: King Canute’s/Salvation Reel
  12. Lullaby: Pearse at 60

Simon Bradley Trio

“Swinging strings play original melodic gems that get toes tapping and tears flowing…”

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